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5 Fun Ways You Can Make Money This Weekend!

There are an endless number of ways that you can make money on the side. Here are 5 Fun Ways You Can Make Money this weekend!

Some ways are fun. Some ways…not so much (looking at you pooper scoopers). Unless, you know, scoopin poop is what you are in to.

The reality is, making some money on the side does not have to be hard, nor tedious, nor boring.

Are you a geek? A nerd? Perhaps a bookworm? Here are 5 Fun ways to make money on this weekend!


Cosplay Side Hustle

Cosplay Side Hustle

Number 1 on the 5 Fun Ways You Can Make Money This Weekend list is Cosplay!

Do you love dressing up for Halloween? Do you love going to Comic-cons? Maybe you are just a super huge Star Wars fan!

Maybe You are super huge and would make a good Chewbacca!

Well guess what? You just got a gig! Kids LOVE it when their favorite movie or cartoon characters show up for their birthdays. Heck, maybe you could even turn your passion of all things Darth Vader into a cameo on an indie movie. Might be some legal issues there, but you get the idea.

A friend of mine paid a few guys to come over as storm troopers for her twin sons birthday. It is a real thing, and those guys charge a lot of money!

Start cashing in your passion!

Freelance Artist / Graffiti Hustle

Number 2 on the 5 Fun Ways You Can Make Money This Weekend list is Freelance Artist!

Now I know this will not apply to everyone, but if you are among the beautifully blessed that can draw any image in your mind, then you can most definitely make some extra cash this weekend.

A lot of tech companies these days like to have a “non normal” office space in order to attract the latest and greatest tech wizards. One of the ways they do this is by painting up the office or having murals around the office. Whatever they feel will inspire the worker bees.

But other local business like trendy coffee shops, dessert stores, and mom and pop restaurants all might want to liven up their atmosphere, too. You might even advertise that you will decorate and paint a newborn or toddlers room as a fairy tale fantasy land.

If you are blessed with an artistic touch, then be on the lookout for opportunities where you can flex your creative muscle.

Or, be proactive, and take out a Craigslist ad advertising your services.

Ah, what am I thinking?? It’s the dawn of a new age!! Do some paintings for friends or in the garage, take pictures, and post them on a website to start building your portfolio! If you need help setting up your website you can see our post here about just how to do that.

Start a dog walking / Pet Sitter Hustle

Number 3 on the 5 Fun Ways You Can Make Money This Weekend list is dog walking / Pet Sitter!

Do you love furry creatures? I mean, not your kids. Of course you love your kids, but do you love dogs, cats, snakes, raccoons?

There is already a market for these services, which is awesome! That means that you already know what others are charging and what types of services they offer.

You just need to be in the ballpark for pricing and make yourself available to do these things, too. You will probably get bonus points if you like exotic animals.

The great part about this is that you can set your own schedule. I mean, most people usually go out of town during the weekends right? This idea could eventually grow into a full-time gig, but you can definitely get it started on the weekend to see how much you love doing it.

You could even do this with your significant other, which would really come in handy if you are “sitting” a home with more than one non-human inhabitant.

Drive to earn extra cash

Number 4 on the 5 Fun Ways You Can Make Money This Weekend list is Driving!

Maybe I am part of an odd group here, but I really like driving. It was the one thing I always looked forward to as a kid.

I couldn’t wait to get my driver’s license, peel-out, and leave the world behind.

Well, I couldn’t wait to drive anyway. Station wagons (those were car-like SUVs for young-ins) weren’t known for peeling-out.

But depending on where you live, you can actually make driving your living. I have a friend in the San Francisco area who drives full-time and loves it! He can make his own schedule, take off as long as he wants, drive when he wants, etc.

Again, this is something you could do on the weekends or after hours. It is really up to you.

Obviously Uber and Lyft are the big two opportunities, here.

Start a Travel Guide Side Gig

Number 5 on the 5 Fun Ways You Can Make Money This Weekend list is Travel Guide!

Are you adventurous by nature?

Do you love nature and the outdoors?

Maybe you are just really familiar with your hometown and know all of the haunted places, or best hiking trails, or maybe the history of the area you live in.

Whatever the case may be, you might have an opportunity to share your knowledge with those visiting the area or who are interested in learning more about it.

In my current hometown, I know there is a tour of the “old town” area for haunted tours. My brother could probably be your “guide” through the mountains in Colorado. Maybe fishing is your thing, you have a boat, and you know some sweet spots to land some big mouth bass!

If you have a unique perspective of the city and natural world around you, this is a great way to meet new people and earn some extra cash this weekend!

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Starting a blog is a great idea to do on the weekends, too. Who wants to go out clubbing and spending money? Yuck! Stay home like us old fogies and write until your fingers bleed! 

Well, just start a blog anyway. It’s a great idea to pass some time on the weekends. You can write about all of your other adventures like the animal you met during your pet settings. Or the weirdos you took home from the bar while driving for Lyft. Whatever your heart desires. Blogs can be super fun and a way to relieve stress.

They are super easy to get started, too, which I have outlined in my post here. I recommend (and use) DreamHost for my WordPress blog provider. 



These are just a few examples, but the opportunities are endless. What is great about a side hustle is that you don’t have to be the first or the best at what you do. Just fill a need in a community that wants what you are looking for.

And if it is just on the side, have fun while you are doing it! The Cosplay idea to me is so awesome. You like Spiderman, or Superman, or Iron Man? Dress up like those guys and give a kid the party they will remember for the rest of their lives. It is really a neat idea.

What other ways can you think of to make money on the side that is fun to you? Leave your ideas and suggestions in the comments below. If you are currently doing a fun idea to make money, let us know and we will feature you in a future post! Free marketing huh?

Take care hustlers!


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