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Pressure washing

pressure washing side hustle

Pressure washing side hustle

First up on our list of 5 businesses you can start for under $500 is Pressure washing! I have always loved this idea. The idea of taking something old (or dirty) and making it new again.

Have you ever seen the videos on Reddit?  It really is amazing to see the work in progress and the before and after comparisons.

What pressure washer do I recommend? I like this one at Amazon.

It has a Honda Engine so you know it’s dependable. Plus, you can buy the lance and scrubber for just under $500.

There are a ton of videos on YouTube about how to power wash so picking it up shouldn’t be too hard. There are probably even things around your own house that you can clean to showcase your talents.

Remember to take before and after pics and video so you can have some material for your blog!


Photography Side Gig

Photography Side Hustle

Second on our list of 5 businesses you can start for under $500 is Photography! Ok, this one can get a little pricey if you get carried away with the accessories, but these days cameras are more affordable than ever!

Take this one for example at Amazon. It’s under $500, but is perfect to start and grow your photography business. With over 200 ratings and 4.6 out of 5 stars, it is sure to get the job done and then some!

The great thing about photography is that you can take pictures of just about anything! People, places, things, weddings, birthdays, holidays, events, open-houses, rentals, garage sales.

You name it and it is an opportunity for taking pictures and making money.

If you want to get more professional and learn how to masterfully edit your photos, the internet is your friend as there is a plethora of information about taking, editing, and packaging photos. I found this great blog post while looking to improve my own skills.

Don’t forget to save some of your pictures to put on your blog so people can see just how good you are!

House Cleaning

Check List

Check List

Third on our list of 5 businesses you can start for under $500 is House Cleaning! This is actually a great side hustle, provided you have an eye for cleaning.

Let’s be honest, some of us HATE cleaning. However, some of us don’t mind paying others to help keep our house tidy and in order.

In fact, a lot of people do. It is a booming business with several franchise options available.

But the great thing is that you don’t need to buy a franchise to start your own hustling home business. You need supplies, a set of wheels, and a friendly smile.

Most of us should already have these things, but you can certainly pick up more supplies for probably under $200. After a day or two you should have that investment back.

The great thing about this is that you can schedule your appointments around your schedule. Most people might actually want to be home while you are cleaning up so you can certainly book appointments in the off hours if needed.

Even if this doesn’t become a full time business, it is still a great way to earn extra cash.

Pet Sitter / Pet Walker

Pet Walking Side Hustle

Pet Walking Side Hustle

Fourth on our list of 5 businesses you can start for under $500 is Pet Sitter / Pet Walker! Do you just love animals? Who doesn’t!!

The great news is that some people love their animals so much that they just want them to be nice and comfy at home while they are either at work or on vacation.

I think the biggest investment here is going to be advertising to get your information in front of prospective clients. For free, you could start off with a simple Facebook “Page” that details your services and contact information.

Once that gets going and you can start to grow your business, I would recommend setting up a website so it looks more professional to your future clients.

If you go with WordPress, for example, you can add cool plug-ins to your site to help with scheduling and payments, like this one. In fact, in the next section I’ll talk about blogging a little bit more.


Blogger Side Hustle

Blogger Side Hustle

Finally, on our list of 5 businesses you can start for under $500 is Blogging! It’s really true, you can start a business as a blogger, and the costs should be well under $500.

Now, this one won’t return you money right away. However, it could give you the greatest return of all. I have read countless articles about every day people making 10k+ a month blogging. The most famous of all being the HuffPost who makes a cool $14 million a month!

Blogging is just like any other business you could start. It could be successful the more you put into it, or it could barely pay for coffee every month.

You will get a head start on monetizing your blog by following our simple 1-2-3 guide to monetizing your blog.

And, of course, if you haven’t already started one, our handy-dandy guide will get you up and running in lickity-split.


These are 5 businesses you can start for under $500, but believe me there are more. I just wanted to give you an idea of a few side hustles that can grow bigger than you might have expected.

Eventually we will work on a master list, but I hope these ideas help you think about ways that you can make money.

Maybe you are already making money, but you are not sure how to promote your work. That is where a blog comes in. Check out our write-up on how to get your blog started today!