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Here are 3 Ideas for Weekend Money, that could also turn in to full time gigs!

I think a good majority of us are interested in side hustles with a goal or a dream that one day these hustles might turn into our full time occupation. (I won’t call it a job, that sounds yucky!)

Lawn Service

3 Ideas for Weekend Money

3 Ideas for Weekend Money

Number 1 on the our list of 3 ideas for weekend money is Lawn Service! Believe it or not some people really love to mow the grass! They say it relieves stress.

The cool thing is this stress reliever can also net you a good chunk of change. Depending on the yard size, you can charge anywhere from $15-$50 per house. Maybe more if you are working in an area with larger lots.

But if you could get a few people on the same street to give you say $30 a visit, 3 or 4 houses, and you just picked up a cool $100 bucks for maybe an hour or two of hustle. Not bad!

And yes, this can grow into an actual business if you get enough clients and invest enough time and energy into it.

Don’t forget to print up business cards so you can give them to your customers.

Even better, put together a blog to advertise your business! Check out our guide for getting your blog up and running in as little as a day. We are constantly adding other resources to help you with your blog, as well, so make sure to check back often for more exciting ideas.

Pro-tip: While you do 2 or 3 lawns on a street, see if you notice any elderly couples living on the street and offer to do theirs for free.

Chances are they will tell their friends and family about the nice guy or gal that mows their lawn for them. Plus, giving back to your community should give you the warm fuzzies. It is a win-win situation.

We have to remember to give back even when we are hustling for ourselves.

Pet Caretaker

Pet Sitter Side Hustle

Pet Sitter Side Hustle

Number 2 on the our list of 3 ideas for weekend money is Pet Caretaker/Sitter/Walker.

Love animals? Who doesn’t??

If you don’t, just leave now immediately.

Kidding aside, if you are unsure if you would like this, try out pet-sitting for your family or friends, first, before you decide to take on actual clients.

This isn’t just limited to walking dogs and changing litter boxes either.

If you have an affliction for exotic animals, you can advertise as such and grow a niche business in your area.

As a matter of fact, when I was growing up, my mom was a nanny for a well-to-do couple, and inside their house were giant lizards (which she hated).

If talking to mean she’las is your thing, this could be a win-win for you as you can most definitely charge more for the care and nurture of snakes, tigers, bears…well, whatever you are comfortable with 🙂

Full Disclaimer – I’m not saying watching snakes, tigers, or bears is safe!!! USE CAUTION!!!

Home Design

Home Design Hustle

Home Design Hustle

Number 3 on the our list of 3 ideas for weekend money is Home Design. Got an eye for design? Maybe you have a degree for design, but you are not sure where to go. In these cases, I say start off small and build up your client base and your portfolio over time.

Again, this is one of those adventures where you can start off offering services to family and friends to build up your confidence and then begin branching out.

Also, try experimenting around your own house and taking photographs of your before and after remodels/refreshes.

Even better, maybe you can practice your photography skills or have a photographer friend take stunning pictures of your re-designs in-house and then guess what?? Yep, start working on your portfolio on your own blog site!

Wrapping up

So these are just 3 ideas for weekend money, which could very well turn into lucrative businesses. It just comes down to how many clients you are serving and the amount of money you are bringing in.

I think these ideas are fun and diverse. The point is just to get your ideas flowing. There are surely more. This is just a primer to a larger article currently in the works.

Stay tuned for more updates!